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GIR COW GHEE – a choice for healthy lifestyle

Gir cows are good milk producers among indigenous cattle. The breed is also known as “Bhodali”, “Desan”, “Gujarati”, “Kathiawari”, “Sorthi”, and “Surati”.  The breeding tract of the breed includes Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Gir is named after Gir forest, the geographical area of origin of the breed.  Bullocks can drag heavy loads on all kinds of soils, be it sandy, black or rocky.

Ghee is produced with the milk of a Gir, or Desi, cow. The Desi breed of cow originates from ancient India and is known for its humps. Desi cow’s humps are claimed to have better health benefits than the average cow sans hump, whose milk is often distributed popularly in other countries. While the properties of what exactly makes a Gir cow’s hump so special is rather speculative, extensive research and studies have proven that this breed of cattle does possess exponentially healthier benefits than those in traditional milk and Ghee.

 Due to their special qualities, animals of this breed have been imported by countries like Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Mexico, and are being bred there successfully. Average lactation yield of Gir cows is 2110 kg (ranges from 800 to 330 kg) with an average milk fat of 4.6 % (ranges from 3.9 to 5.1 %).

Let’s highlight its 10 amazing health benefits below:

1. This ghee incorporates vitamin A2, E and D with Omega3 properties which are highly important and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

2. The presence of A2 vitamin in Gir cow ghee helps in treating broken bones.

3. This ghee is beneficial in treating insomnia. It is also the best product for joint massage and most importantly it is beneficial for those who are prone to obesity.

4. Gir cow ghee is helpful in decreasing bad cholesterol in the body and facilitates excellent circulation.

5. This type of ghee helps at slowing down the ageing process and thus makes your voice soft and clear.

6. Gir cow ghee is also included in medical practice to help with ulcers, constipation and promotes healthy eyes and happy skin. It is used to treat and cure burns and blisters. It proves to increase memory and balances the mind and enhances brain function.

7. This ghee incorporates healthy fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in food that are most vital for health.

8. It contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) which proves to be helpful for weight loss, especially belly fat. Gir cow ghee is also beneficial for slowing down the progress of cancer in the body and prevents heart diseases.

9. This ghee melts at 37 degree Celsius, whereas our body temperature is 37.2 degree Celsius. This means that this ghee gets easily absorbed in the body while the commercial ghee melts at approx. 39 degree Celsius or above which further increases the blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and other diseases in the body.

10. Gir cow ghee has been given a title of “Rasayana” in Ayurveda preeminent herbs and food that works wonders for the overall health and promotes longevity and well-being. It is also beneficial for healthy growth in children.


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